28 March, 2006

The French

so check this out. in paris, all of the government employees are on strike today. maybe it's more than just today. maybe just today. and you know what the reason is? the government just passed a new law that says that if a state employee does not perform satisfactorily in the workplace during the first 2 years, they can be terminated. apparently, prior to this law, once you are hired, you could not be fired. even if you are not doing your job! and isn't it a bit ironic that the reaction to this law is for them all to stop doing their jobs?

and the consequence of this is that all the major tourist destinations were closed today. so my trip to la musee d'orsay has been postponed. if it's closed again tomorrow then i will be looking for a cafe to sit and stare at people all day. that's okay. i'm still in paris.

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