25 March, 2006

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okay. i am peeved because it goes in forward chronological order. bah. i cannot be daunted by that, however.

so we spent wednesday and thursday with a rented car driving along the rhine river valley which roughly goes between heidelberg and koblenz on our route. along this road, approximately every mile or so, there are castles on both sides of the river. real big castles. some of them are mostly destroyed. some of them are largely intact. some of them are in complete disrepair, though still standing. others have been remodeled continually and house hotels. i would say that on average, they are in disrepair and partially destroyed. and the first thing that you learn, and learn again and again, is that this average state is compliments of the french. it turns out, the french enjoy pillaging. who would have known? the french apparently came through germany on 3 or 4 separate occasions, and they liked to burn things. and eventually when the cannon was perfected, they also liked to bomb things. and they bombed the castles and bombed the churches. in one case, i guess they used the cathedral as a stable for their horses. nice. it really reminds me of the holy grail, and their depiction of the french. i have nothing against the french. yet. if i go there next week and they are mean to me, then i will start giving them shit.

back to the main point. we looked at lots of castles. one night, i believe it was wednesday, we stayed in a youth hostel in the town of bacharach, which was not founded by burt. the hostel is actually in the castle on top of the hill in the town. amazing. had good food that night. but even better food the next night, when we stayed at a woman's guest house in a town whose name i cannot recall but it was something like winne-something. it was just past the koblenz heading down the mosel river instead of the rhine. we had wine from the winery of the restaurant, which was inexpensive and good. and i had more pork, which was honestly the most yummy meal i have ever had in my entire life. some of the cool castles we saw included rheinstein, and reichenstein, and marksburg.

i want to note here for the record, that i have now officially trained myself to type on a german keyboard. this is not a good thing. because if i were not trained, then what you would be seeing when i type are things like the following:

if zou go to visit the zellow yebra at the yoo, then zou will be verz disappointed.

do you understand what i am getting at here. but you see, i don't type it that way. i now type it correctly. you realize what this means don't you? when i get back to seattle i am going to be typing it like that for the first week. curses.

so thursday we did the rest of the rhine, as i said, and we stayed with the woman and had the yummy dinner. then friday we had a bit of an off day. tried to do the mosel castles, but couldn't really see any because they were mostly not open. the best castle that we could not see was called eltz or elz, and it looked pretty amazing from the outside, and we walked a long long way down hill and back up to get close to it. i will post a picture of it so you can see what we did not get to go inside of. friday was further messed up because we had to pick up leena's cousin who is 25 going on 16. i hope she doesn't find out i said that. anyway, she was a good kid. her flight was 2 hours late though so it put a damper on the plans for the afternoon. they have a nickname for her, which i did not understand until after about 16 hours. they call her the virus. apparently there is an incubation time before she kicks in. plus she was tired so that mitigated things for the first day or so. we drove to trier and opted against the hostel there. and we instead drove around in circles trying to find a village with a small inn. found many villages and many inns. after two hours of this we were all starving and it was getting late and we resorted to the first village we had crossed through which was called wintersdorf. the inn was great. we had a huge suite that could have slept like 10, and we got it for 80 euro for the four of us. and the dinner across the street was again very good.

oh i should mention that beer in germany is good. in case you had not heard that.

i am going to pause here, and pick it up in a new post either in a second or on another day depending on what i decide. you will not know the difference.

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