13 June, 2007

Don't even listen to me...

Do you have any idea why I am going to complain to you now? Of course not. I don't know yet either. I am just writing that because it's a good way of opening my "creative window". Since most of what comes out of my mouth or hands are in the form of a complaint, it seemed like a safe way to begin.

But boy do I have plenty to complain about. For instance, I could point out that grammatical errors in blogs, emails, and other locations, really bother me. First off, let me say this, and make it clear to everyone who cares to know:

Prepositions are a bad thing to end a sentence with.

I know you probably remember that from school... that is, I guess if you're over 33 years old, because apparently some time in the 1980's when they were busy giving children ketchup as a vegetable, they decided that teaching in school was an offensive thing to do. Teaching is not to be done in schools. Teaching is to be left for the parents not to do. That is the only way that makes sense. It places a level of non-accountability on every one of us.

Okay. That was random complaint number one. I am feeling like I have not really got my "clever motor" running yet. But I'm certain that it's coming soon. Like... maybe tomorrow.