30 July, 2007

ADD (or ADHD) is a bunch of rubbish... but I think I suffer from it

Of course this is one of the most diagnosed disorders both in children and adults. Actually I have no data to back that up, and I am way too fucking lazy (due to my short attention span, no doubt) to go to Wikipedia and provide you with some real data. So I'm just going to trudge forward completely full of shit. Also, I am thinking that maybe I will put a "y" on the end of everythingy that I write today. Or not everything, but a bunch of randomy kinds of stuff because I seem to be inadvertently doing it anyway, so might as well makey the most of it.

So why do I have the least self-discipline of anyone I know? I say I'm gonna eat better, but then I get the pepperoni pizza. I say I am going to focus at work, but now here I am writing my blog. At least I am using proper capitalization for my blog entry - I deserve at least some credit for that. But what the fuck?

I am starting to wonder if maybe it is because I only sleep 5-6 hours a night... because I slept 8 hours on Thursday night, and I was quite productive on Friday. Go figure. But that would require some discipline if I wanted to test that theory out over a longer period of time.
I don't even have the concentration to finish this blog entry. I am right in the middle of something that is probably very important and

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