29 July, 2007

Rain, bees, or both?

This morning I woke up to the sound of bees again. And my first thought was "That's it! I am out of here!". The landlord clearly didn't do the spraying, and the bees are still fucking around eating through my walls, getting ready to start coming in from every orifice available, and I will be devoured by them. And I decided that I would immediately get up and start looking for a place to live.

Then I looked out the window, and noticed that it is raining. So it's rain and not bees this time. Or maybe it's rain AND bees. Who the fuck knows.

But either way, I looked around on Craigslist a bit because this once again got me feeling like $7499 a month is too much to be paying for rent. Don't you think? So there's not a whole lot out there that looked interesting to me, sadly. I then looked at roommate options since the other possibility is to have someone move in with me. That would be good because I would not have to move, and could stay in this cool location - but I would give something up.

For example, I would not be sitting and writing this blog while completely naked.

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