16 July, 2007

Why I will not say h***t

If you look at my favorite movie list, you will see that I refer to "The Huckabees Movie". That might sound odd. In fact, whenever I say I liked that movie, people always respond with "Oh, you mean I _____ Huckabees"? And I say, "No, I mean the Huckabees Movie".

Strange, right?

Well, there's a reason behind it. I am unwilling and/or unable to say that I _____ anything. It kills me to even type H***T because it's almost like I am saying it. And I also realize that if I typed a "<" and a "3" that I would convey the same message. The problem is that this is just too much hipspeak for me to handle.

There are other words that I can't say either. For instance, there's another word for "drinks" that are alcohol, and are not beer or wine. I can't say that word, but I will give you a hint - it sounds a lot like "cockatiel". Why do people call "drinks" by this stupid name It's obnoxious. And part of the reason that I want to move to Canada. Because I'm sure nobody says that shit up there.

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