14 August, 2007

More bad dreams

I don't even know what the hell these were about and am not sure it's even worth trying to explain them... but I will anyway.

First I am in the car with a friend of mine and we are going to try to visit some friends of ours - a couple. I know who, but I won't say - let's just refer to them as "the singer from my band, and his wife". We get there, and drive up the alley behind the house - and actually the house is my house, but in the dream, it's their house. As we drive up, I notice through the window that they have company, so we drive past into a neighbor's driveway and discuss whether it's appropriate to go in if they have company. We initially decide not. Then we drive around to the other side of the house, and somehow come to the conclusion that they must have finished dinner, so we park and go up to the door. Sure enough, they are not completely finished, and we are both embarrassed to have intruded on their dinner. The guests are all friends of ours - 2 couples. We sort of wonder why we weren't invited but figure that it's just one of those things where they wanted to devote their attention to these people. Who knows. Maybe they didn't want the conversation to sidetrack to music, or maybe they've just seen enough of me. Whatever.
So I'm trying to get some glasses out of the cabinet so that we can have water, or something. Someone else is washing dishes. Then I almost knock over a vase, but I save it at the last second and it doesn't break - and I think that it's a relief because that would be even more embarrassing if we broke something. Didn't feel welcome there at all.

Then the dream fades, and I am in another place.

I am on a beach, in some type of summery place, but it's like a town that is residing on a beach. Not sure if it's Cape Cod or somewhere else. But I'm alone now, though there are other people around whom I don't know. Someone gets in their car to leave and starts driving perpendicularly to the beach. I notice that their car is not going straight - it's sort of weaving back and forth, and I think that the person must either be distracted, or drunk, or sick or something. But they keep weaving as if they cannot control the vehicle. I am in my car too, but not driving yet. Then I see other cars driving down that street meeting the same problem - can't drive straight. I ask someone out of my window what is happening. And they reply "wind storm". Which is strange, since I don't see or feel the wind. Yet.

A minute later, it is not only windy but there is heavy precipitation in the form of hail or ice - in the middle of the summer. And my car is being blown all over the place. I realize that the trunk of my car is open, and I wait for a brief lull to run out and close the trunk. Then back in my car, but the car gets blown down onto the beach and toward the water, and I am worried because I cannot control it. Eventually I abandon the car, though things are starting to subside now. I pick up a strewn motorbike and try to ride that up the beach, until I reach the road, and then I ditch it near some people. After I ditch it, though, the motorbike is now a dog. A big black dog sleeping on the sidewalk. And its owners take note of the dog and say hello to me. I don't know where my car is. Though the car started off being "my car", at some point in the dream, my mental model of the car became a large dark brown station wagon. I can't find it anywhere. I want to leave by some means, and maybe I have a car, I am not sure. But before I can leave, people are all standing and watching as runners from a road race start making the corner onto the main street coming toward the finish of a race they must have been running. This will prevent me from driving out, since the race is using the same road, which surely means the road will be closed.

Then my alarm sounds, and I am awake.

What the hell do those dreams mean?

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