20 September, 2007

Can you tell me something about chivalry?

First off, it bothers me that this word "chivalry" closely resembles the word "cavalry" but that's really not relevant at all. I believe that the man should hold the door for a woman. I believe the man should help the woman carry heavy stuff, and take on a larger (or total) share of the burden (though plenty of my previous female hiking partners will probably call me on that one - but remember, I just said "I believe..." not "I require...").

I also believe that a man should treat a woman on the first date. And I realize this is probably some type of sexism, and probably also only meaningful in some historical sense when women didn't actually have jobs, and the man was trying to prove that he intended to support her by buying her a fucking cheeseburger and fries at Arnold's Diner.

What I disapprove is when a woman doesn't even lift a finger toward the bill, and doesn't say thank you, and doesn't even offer anything. On the first date... on the second date... and guess what? There may be no fucking third date, because I don't get it. I will pay for every meal you eat for the rest of your life if you always offer to take turns, or split, or if you seem genuinely flattered or appreciative. It's not about the money. Believe me. It's about some bizarre backwards sense of entitlement. And it does not show the type of character that impresses me.

Of course, this whole rant was completely hypothetical and not based on any sort of real-life events ;)

(that was a RARE occasion where I felt the winky face was necessary, though I generally despise all emotes other than the generic smiley and unsmiley)

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