26 December, 2007

Get ready to wish me farewell... because we're gonna make it BIG!

This is the START of my story about how I am on the verge of making it BIG!

This band, Grim Smiley, is on the verge of making it BIG. I say this 3 times because the more times you say something, the more true it becomes. Did you hear me? The more times you say something, the more true it becomes.

So, about us making it BIG...

We're really just a few small breaks away from the bigtime. We're in the studio now, recording some demo tracks. We are not going about this all wrong though - I swear. We are doing things EXACTLY right. We are using a studio that:

a) just opened,
b) has never recorded a band before,
c) the engineer, nice guy that he is, does not know how to use his equipment yet,
d) he does not own good microphones or preamps or compressors, which are typically considered to be "somewhat important" to getting a good recording.

But this is EXACTLY the way all the big bands do it!

In fact, I am considering giving my notice at work right after the holidays - as soon as we figure out whether or not the drums sound more like drums or like water-logged straw containers full of chocolate pudding and sand.

But why labor over the details?

We have already had one BIG show in Moscow, Idaho - which is EXACTLY where I would want to book shows, if my goal is to make it BIG. All of the big bands started out in Idaho. For instance, Rabbi Kevorkian and the Hassidic Death Tribe was HUGE in the Idaho Underground from like 1996 to 1997, and they went on to be one of the biggest selling bands that Croatia has ever seen.

So, why am I playing with Grim Smiley? Well, the simple reason is that they meet my 2 main criteria for being in a band.

1. They're really good musicians, all of them
2. They're really nice guys.

If you've played with enough people, you realize eventually that this is what matters most. A little bit of unrealistic dreaming aside, this is a fun ride. And it's much more fun to play with people who are TOO into it, rather than people who are NOT into it.

More to come...

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