27 December, 2007

Is speling and grammer something to break up with over?

That's a question I put forth to you, my audience. If you're typing back and forth with someone who is a prospective date - how important is it to use proper grammar and to spell correctly, and to not do things like end a sentence with a preposition? (Ending a sentence with a PROPOSITION, on the other hand, is quite a different thing, and not discouraged!)

So, here is an excerpt from a recent email I received:

"No I stay up late but it effects my work the next day if I am up to late. It's easy for me to sleep in because I am working out of my home right now. I have always been the one who would keep my friends out late. I did allot of after hours clubs and what not back in the day. I'm part of the owl family."

Okay. Let me point out a few things...

1. Affect is the verb she wants to use here.
2. Too should be used with "late" unless there is a pub called "Late" and that is where she is going - in which case, it should be capitalized (I won't even start on the number of people who type Capital Hill - yes, the hill where there are many large letters - actually - Hollywood sign could be said to be on a Capital Hill!)
3. Allot is not the word she meant to use.
4. And that sentence was a "two-for" because I'm pretty sure she meant to say "whatnot", ignoring entirely the paucity of commas in the entire message.

So, you can give me shit for not using capital letters in half of my emails and posts, but that is because they are superfluous and everyone knows it. But how many flat-out "logic errors" can one tolerate before drawing the conclusion that the composer is not that brilliant?

I contend that I am able to distinguish between typos and laziness, and true lack of understanding. And if you're trying to "court" someone, it seems to me that this would be the time to PROOFREAD your emails.

Since, as I am now becoming so fond of saying, "You only get one chance to get it right the first time!" (That's my new saying - and I think maybe I created it myself, so I'm taking credit).

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