01 January, 2008

Are we living in Anchorage, Alaska?

At 7:15am it was fucking pitch dark outside. What the fuck is that all about? If I wanted to be in complete darkness, I would move to Irkutsk. I am not even sure if Irkutsk exists, other than on the Risk board, but I am pretty sure it does. Anyway, I forgot to bring my earpiece for my cell phone with me to work. But apparently we are sort of maybe kind of allowed to keep talking on the phone until July 1st? I don't get it. I cannot, however, respond to your text messages while driving.

What ever happened to freedom?! I want to have the right to endanger others with my behavior!

Ironically, it is legal to drive a fucking Hummer, whose bumpers are at EYE-LEVEL for any normal vehicle. And that's not considered a danger to other drivers. Where is the logic?

I'd love to see a compilation of accident data, in terms of injury severity, in cases where 1 vehicle is large SUV and other is a normal car. Because it would seem to me that insurance companies should charge HUGE premiums for the "safety factor" afforded to those who own the biggest truck.

But I digress.

Happy New Year.

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