19 February, 2008

Carless in Seattle [Reposted from Facebook]

Location: on the market

Well… for the first time since probably June of 1987, I am without a vehicle. After a short, and somewhat guilt-ridden ownership of my Mazda3, I decided to sell it. My previous car, a 1994 Corolla, had become a “shitbox” and I probably going through some type of identity crisis, which may have been aided by certain forces that felt I needed to “reinvent” myself, or “redefine” myself, or some such business. So… I bought it. And it was cool. But it was against my basic principles. I don’t WANT a new car. I don’t WANT a car payment. I don’t WANT something that gets 24.5 miles per gallon. And now, I am at a point where I am purchasing a home, and I just didn’t want any extra expenses in my life that could otherwise fall into the bucket called “savings”. So here I am, carless. I managed to sell it for a reasonably good price, though obviously you take a bath anytime you get rid of a new car (in Seattle, on TAXES alone).

That’s another blog altogether, the fact that a SALES TAX is the LEAST PROGRESSIVE form of taxing people imaginable. Yes, rich fucks who save all their money are EXEMPT from this tax - but those of us who must SPEND our money… we foot the bill. Someone ought to fix that. But I digress.

I made a young couple very happy by offering them a barely used car at a good price, and it gets MUCH better gas mileage than what they were driving, so I did a good thing, I think.

Now, I must search for my vehicle. I cannot go carless, because my life just doesn’t support such things. Working in Redmond, living in Seattle, playing in 2 bands. It would be irresponsible, and force me to really rely on others to cart me around. But I want to buy something old, reliable, and efficient.

I am looking almost exclusively at Honda Civic, either 2DR hatchback, or 2DR coupe. Unless someone can persuade me otherwise. But I don’t think there’s another car out there that averages OVER 30mpg and can be had for under $5000. If you know of any, tell me.

I am carless, but hope that I will sleep well knowing that I followed my gut.

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