15 March, 2008

Be careful what you ask [Reposted from Facebook]

Location: The Ranks of the Un-Date-Able

So, I have always been curious what other people think of me. Probably an unhealthy curiosity. One of those curiosities where you want to know, and don’t want to know at the same time.

Well, I am not sure I want to know.

But Facebook, if you haven’t heard, has offered a few new applications that will enable you to find out exactly that.

Define Me is a pretty cool application that lets people pick adjectives to describe you, and then scales their font size to represent the most frequently used words. It’s kind of neat, and I am not that disturbed by the results.

Then there is a suite of applications including:

Compare People
Social Profile

I think these are all one author’s material, and they will tell you more about what people think, than you may want to know.

Compare People will go through your entire friends list and let you have 1-on-1 face-off comparisons on such axes as “Better singer”, “Nicer person”, “Rather date”, etc. And all this gets tallied and rolled up into a ranking among your entire friend network, of who the best people are in each category.

I guess I am considered best public speaker. Whoopie. I guess I can believe that. But nobody called me most reliable, or most attractive, or most trustworthy. Sigh…

Social Profile and Spark (I am confused between the boundaries on these since they seem to overlap) allows you to rank people as dateworthy or not, and you can choose to inform them, or keep it private. Then there’s a ranking system of most and least dateable. And this can go to the broad network beyond your friends as well.

Here is where I am *not* happy.

Apparently 30 out of 35 people who have seen my picture said that i am NOT dateable!!! WTF?

So I have changed my profile picture, and I am on a mission to:

a) become dateable
b) figure out what it takes to become dateable

Currently, I’m trying “rock-star Bob” and we shall see how that fares. Right now I know the score is at 5 out of 35. So I’m counting from zero starting now, to see how the rock star does.

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