15 March, 2008

Grammatical kudos to Facebook [Reposted from Facebook]

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while i must say that it annoys me, i need to give kudos to facebook for being grammatically correct in their formatting schemes. if you try to enter a status line that has quotation marks in it, facebook will add punctuation *inside* the quotes.


if i type:

Robert is feeling “under the weather”

facebook posts:

Robert is feeling “under the weather.”

see what i mean? they put the period whether you want it or not. and they put it in the correct position. the problem is that i *hate* putting the period inside the quotes. actually, i have my own rule about it (which others have pointed out is bullshit, but i don’t care).

my rule:

if i am quoting something or someone, i *do* put the punctuation inside…


Then Count Chokula said “You cannot have any of my Boo-Berry!”

to me that makes sense because it is a quotation.

but if i use the quotation marks just for the purpose of saying that something is so-called by a particular expression, then i put the quotes inside the punctuation.


Veronica and Ned are apparently “friends”.

i don’t know. i’m probably crazy. i guess the point is, i don’t like facebook telling me where i can and cannot put punctuation. what if i really *want* to have the quotes in a different place?

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