02 April, 2008

Fastest Web Browsing Experience is... Mozilla Minefield! [Reposted from Facebook]

Location: in the middle of a minefield

Since I am a UX Researcher, I thought (with the encouragement of one of my colleagues) that it would be cool to compare 4 major browsers that are available for free download today. These included the following:

Microsoft IE7
Apple Safari 3.1
Opera 9.26
Mozilla Minefield 3.0pre (daily build of Firefox)

I may post some info comparing screenshots at a later point, but I wanted to give you some quick performance numbers on page loading.

I tried a number of websites, and here are the results for each, for the following sites:


IE7 = 20 seconds
Safari = 7 seconds
Minefield = 3 seconds
Opera = 10 seconds


IE7 = 8 seconds
Safari = 2 seconds
Minefield = 2 seconds
Opera = 4 seconds


IE7 = 10 seconds
Safari = 3 seconds
Minefield = 1 second
Opera = 13 seconds

Some other sites, like CNN had very long load times for IE7, but it was hard to know when it is really “done” since there is so much video and photo content on that page.

It is rather shocking how big the difference is, and it is also impressive that Minefield is so much faster than the other browsers (with Safari being close).

Minefield does not quite have as much visual appeal in the basic frame as Safari or Opera (screenshots later, perhaps, if I feel like it), but it does have some nice enriched functionality.

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