13 April, 2008

Finality [Reposted from Facebook]

Location: Stanetsky's Funeral Home

Picking out a casket is not the most enjoyable shopping experience. It’s just a really empty and strange feeling to be deciding how beautiful and ornate of an object you wish to purchase and then immediately discard along with your “departed” into the ground. I understand the tradition, and I understand the symbolism, and I understand the value of it. I really do. The Egyptians built Pyramids to honor their dead. But it just seems so arbitrary a means of honoring. We’re serving the dead to the gods, that they might receive them favorably? Or we’re protecting and storing them for some unknown future cause. I don’t know. Again I am sure there are volumes of literature written on the topic, which I am unfortunately not curious enough to seek. So instead, I can only pontificate on what it’s all about. My only experience with the death industry is from watching 4.5 seasons of “Six Feet Under”, which sort of did prepare me pretty well for the real thing. The only difference being that Christians have an additional morose step in the process, that being embalming. But I guess after watching that show for years, I really wanted Nate and David Fisher to be the ones talking to me. Because they are people to whom I could relate. I know their entire back story, and I could empathize with them. Instead, I got “Bruce” who may or may not be named Stanetsky. I really don’t know. And he was in his fifties, and I don’t know any of his back story. So it was harder for me.

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