06 April, 2008

Gas crisis [Reposted from Facebook]

Location: the gas chamber

why is it that i am so intrigued by the smell of my own farts?

okay, yes. i realize that is disgusting to almost everyone who is reading this. and i realize that you probably don’t care to hear me discuss it either. and yet you continue reading. no matter how far i go with this topic, if you’ve made it this far, you will keep reading.

actually, i derive some level of satisfaction if, on rare occasion, i actually produce an odor bad enough that i am offended by it, myself.

and what i find equally interesting is that i basically find the odor of all others’ farts to be repellent. how does this work? why the dichotomy? it’s all gas. and it’s not like mine is good. i realize that. and there’s plenty of witnesses to verify. so what is it about me, or we (if any of you out there would ever admit to sharing this experience) such that i am so highly tolerant, heck, even curious about my own farts?

i want answers.

the NIH should be funding THIS research.

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