17 April, 2008

Here we are [NOT reposted from Facebook]

Location: my brand new blog site
Mood: reiterative

So... just spent an hour copying and pasting my entire Facebook blog over to here, for the sake of completeness. But I think it's worth it because now all 3 of you who actually read this will be able to easily view it all in one place, and get totally caught up on the last 2 months of life on Planet Feeble.

A few things to cover, which I will do in Q & A format:

Q: Why move from Facebook to Blogger?
A: Well, there were some issues with privacy settings that I didn't really like - that was the impetus for the change. But a bigger issue is that not everyone is on Facebook, not everyone wants to be on, or logged in to Facebook, and Facebook to the best of my knowledge would not let me have RSS feeds to provide blog updates. Plus my friend told me this was cooler, so that's why I'm trying it.

Q: Why write a blog at all?
A: Why not? I wish everyone did. Because I'd really like to know what you are all thinking... what you are all experiencing... what gets in your head and feels worthy of sharing...

Q: Who is reading this?
A: I don't know who will read it. I am going to invite a lot of people via both Facebook and direct email, and try to get people who do RSS feeds to add me to their list. My experience is that there's a short list of people who give a shit what I have to say, and the combination of doing this for me and for them is quite worth it.

Q: Why Mick Feeble?
A: This has long been my self-ascribed "pseudonym". I just think it's a cool name for an alter-ego. It's got the toughness of a rock and roll name like "Mick" and the irony of a surname like "Feeble". And it sounds kind of British.

Q: Why am I doing a Q & A?
A: I don't know. I'm going to stop right here though...

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