20 April, 2008


Location: beyond
Mood: momentarily agnostic

April in Boston is not summer, by any stretch of the imagination.

Sometimes it can be quite warm, though. There was a day just before I went home, where it was about 70 degrees outside. Those days are great. And then I guess it was very warm last week one day as well. But unlike Seattle, flowers don't really start blooming until much later, because of the severity of winter. We have our cherry blossoms here in March, sometimes! In Boston, probably more like June, but I don't really recall.

That's why this story seems a little bit odd to me.

In the hospital, last Saturday, my mother died. As you know. Shortly after her death - maybe ten minutes later - I was on the phone with my brother and we were discussing things that had just occurred. I walked down the hall to sit in the waiting room. Alone. While I was sitting on a couch in the room, I suddenly noticed a ladybug on the coffee table in front of me.

A ladybug.

In April.

It was walking around on there for a little bit, and I was looking at it. Then it flew across the room. End of story.

A day or so after my mother's death, maybe the day of, I was sitting in the living room at my parents' house (I need to learn to say "My Dad's house"). And on the windowsill, there was a ladybug on its back, wriggling its legs. It did not look well. I flipped it over right-side up. And it walked a step or two, then flipped onto its back again. And was wriggling feebly. I came back a little while later, and the ladybug was dead.

I didn't think about it again until this morning. For some reason... My mother used to work at a craft shop called "The Ladybug" and I seem to remember her having a fondness for them.


This makes me think about a few things... but they are mostly things in which I don't believe, so I will leave it at that and you can fill in the blanks.


  1. (From AnimalSpirits.com)

    Beetle/Ladybug's Wisdom Includes:

    Carries the Golden Strand that leads to the Center of the Universe

    Past lives

    Spiritual enlightenment

    Death and Rebirth


  2. Yeah, but those insidious orange and black ladybug wannabees are little vermin that need to be squashed like the bugs they are. Sorry to let you know about this, but there is a difference. Don't eat the orange ones...