07 April, 2008

Memories [Reposted from Facebook]

Location: amherst, massachusetts. 1989-1991

a steak and cheese sub from bruno’s in amherst massachusetts… probably 19 years ago. half my life ago. but i remember it like it was just yesterday. and along with it, comes a whole sea of memories. a time of my life that feels so remote from now, that it is as if it never happened though i know it did. i am not sure, though i suspect, why it is that these things are bubbling up to the foreground of my memory right now. those years… what else?

...breaking into the coke machine with a screwdriver, and first emptying it of change, and then emptying it of soda as well. what a vandal i was

...bell’s pizza, with the old man who was the owner and his thick accent, and their cheesy pizza that ALWAYS burned the roof of your mouth and left you peeling skin for days… how strange to think that he was making pizza in that exact same place 19 years before THAT when my brother was in college. one time, we went together, and relived that shared memory that spanned a generation gap.

...driving home from amherst back to boston in my first year of college. every time i did it, i would get lost at the same spot. i would make the SAME mistake. take I90 east towards boston, and get on I95 south, but then there was a spot where you had to decide whether to continue on I95 south, or I93N, and the first 10 times i did it, i made the wrong choice. i knew that my house was south of there, so it made no sense to me! and i would drive almost halfway to rhode island before realizing! of course, halfway to rhode island was only another 10 miles, but it’s the principle.

...the freezing cold in winter, walking back from somewhere on campus that i’d been studying, up orchard hill, remembering it so cold that my legs were getting frostbitten through my jeans. must have been 10 below zero. and walking up that hill always seemed so far.

...my volkswagen jetta, and it’s many visits to north hadley foreign car. that place might as well have been considered a bed and breakfast to my car, because it spent as much time there as it did in my hands. lesson learned. if you buy a car for less than half of book value, you’re probably going to spend double of book value in repairs. in the span of a year or so, i had practically every part in the car fixed. the two mechanics (rick, and rick) knew me well. they had a buddy named malcolm who didn’t really work there but was also a mechanic and sometimes he would try to get me to give him jobs when the ricks were too busy. and malcolm would do it at a discount. but then he’d make weird requests like for me to buy him lunch or give him rides places. very different. it was like a bad sitcom.

...so much more. but i’m drifting out of that place now.

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