23 April, 2008

memories... need a jump start

Location: entering bed shortly
Mood: really really tired

I spent a week writing about memories, and then another week writing about all sorts of cryptic emotional shit, that makes perfect sense to like 3 of my readers, and means absolutely nothing to the rest of you. I don't know which is serving me more good. There are still some things I cannot put here, much as I need to write about them. I want to start writing about it all. But instead, I will go into the past. I am not sure where yet.

I am really fucking tired. It's only 10:15pm but it feels deathly tired. I am a bit concerned that if I get over some hump, I will get a second wind. And that is probably not a good thing.

Where can I go? Where is it? I have this urge to visit the recent past. Haven't really given it much treatment. Heh, I am totally wasting time here. I just got side tracked looking at fantasy baseball, which is pretty much uninteresting to me now. So why am I looking?

I guess I am too tired to blog. Better change the name of this blog. It was called "memories... restart" but that name doesn't seem appropriate since I can't even jump start.

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