18 April, 2008

Morning... or is it noon?

Location: on the tail end of 3 hours sleep
Mood: euphoric

Don't have much time to write now, but figured I would just drop some notes here. I am feeling strangely fine (that was the name of an album, and I cannot remember what band it was... and am too lazy to google it - but it's a good album title). Talked to my Dad this morning, and he is doing pretty well too. He doesn't have as much company as I wish he had, but he's got some people visiting, and my sister has been there a lot for him. He has the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever met, and he always taught me "mind over matter" so it is good to see that when things are tough for him, he is practicing what he always taught me.

The band is sinking in slowly. It is fun to get the first few emails talking about scheduling and about rehearsing, and stuff. I cannot wait to really get going on it. This is what I live for.

My relationship... hm... not ready to go there yet on this blog. Or am I? I don't think I have enough time (4 minutes) to serve that story any justice. But suffice it to say that I am not in a relationship anymore. I'd like to craft a friendship, and who knows if that is possible. This is rubbish talk. I don't even know why I'm writing it. If I am not going to really tell the story, why mention it at all. Should I just delete this and talk about it later? Or instead, should I just tell you that I want to delete it and talk about it later, but leave it here instead.

I think I'll do that.

Because otherwise, how would you know?

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