23 April, 2008

Everything is okay...

Location: casa jim
Mood: inspired

I know I have been VERY dark here lately, and to assure you that there are some good things still kicking around inside this head of mine, I wanted to tell you about my first rehearsal with the band. Actually, it is not quite accurate to call it a rehearsal with The band, since it was just two of us, me and Jim. But, as a member, this was the first time meeting post-audition.

And it felt good. In the midst of so many things that have probably been crushing me in ways that I am barely able to even yet feel, this was a helium balloon pulling me up from the depths and reminding me that everything is always okay. No matter what, you find the thing that you live for, and you go there, and if it's really really there, that Zen moment, then everything is okay.

I have never before jammed with just a guitar and a bass and two microphones, no drums. I would normally avoid those situations, because they typically make for less-than-optimal experiences. But this is what our rehearsal was, because other guitar player is out of town, and drummer had a prior commitment for the evening. And it was great. We worked on several new songs, and we worked on some of their older songs, and we talked, and basically had a good time. I wasn't thinking "when will rehearsal be over". I wasn't thinking "do we really have to do that song". I was just playing the guitar, and singing some harmonies, and being in that zone. For the most part timing wasn't an issue - we had our own internal, synchronized, ethereal click track.

These are the dreams stuff is made of...

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