21 April, 2008

The Phone

Location: my temporal lobes
Mood: pondering the possibility that cells are dividing, which should not be dividing...

Does it strike you at all funny that I have used 2378 minutes of air time on my cell phone this month? I mean, I'm not trying to over think things here. But doesn't that sound like a lot? And the month doesn't end until next week. So, projected over a 30 day month, that works out to 3567 minutes for the month, or just under 2 hours a day.

I do not understand how this is happening. I do not know where this is coming from. Apparently, I talk on the phone a lot. But 2 hours a day?

Now I am thinking about brain tumors, since apparently there is a real concern about cell phone usage and long term physiological effects. Perhaps I better get a headset sometime very soon.

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