25 April, 2008

The band... continued

Location: in my own head
Mood: self-indulgent

I am sitting here listening to their CD, which is something that helps me learn. Once I know all the chords to a song, I don't really even need a guitar to "practice" anymore. I just learn by repetition, and that can be through listening, since it is song structures that take the longest time to permanently sink into my brain...

"How many times do we repeat 'yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah' at the end of that song? Is it 4 times? or 5 times?"

That kind of thing.

I'm still sort of in disbelief listening here. This band is fucking good. And I am part of it. This is to take nothing away from any other project I have done previously, because I have been in some really good bands (and in fact, am still in another one right now!).

I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and find out, it was like a reality show. I am really ranting here. And it probably sounds like egotism, but it isn't. I have said to everyone I know that I only wanted to one day be able to play some of the "good clubs" and I could never figure out how to get there.

Blah blah blah blah blah. I should delete this. Instead I deleted all the stupid egotistical parts.


  1. just enjoy it and stop being a noodle. you deserve to be in a band that makes you happy; more importantly, your friends deserve for you to be in a band that makes THEM happy.

  2. thank you anonymous...Bob...NONE of it was egotistical, I'm sure!!! You are great and it's OK to know it!!! This is fantastic and I ALWAYS knew you'd do it! :D