18 April, 2008

The Band

Location: the on-ramp to the real Seattle music scene
Mood: very happy... but sad on other fronts

About 2 weeks ago, I auditioned for the band. How this came about was rather fortuitous. I had no intention of looking for a new band - I am playing in 2 already (though there's another story in there, to come later). The reason I auditioned for this band is because my friend Dan called me up and said "...looking for a new rhythm guitar player, and dude you better go and contact them RIGHT NOW to audition."

And I thought "yes, I had better."

I've seen them play a number of times in Seattle, and they're one of the best bands I have seen in this city. They get good gigs. They have some radio play. They have good recordings. And most importantly, people like them! Had to try for it.

I read their ad on their website, describing what they're looking for in a musician, and it was like "this is me - I can do this - I *want* to do this!"

So, I contacted them, and shortly afterward, had arranged an audition, about 4 days out from that point in time. They'd requested that people learn 2 of their songs on MySpace.

I figured, since I am a fast learner, maybe I should learn *all* of the songs on MySpace instead of just 2 :) So I showed up, prepared to play 6 songs. First audition went very well. I felt like i was on stage, and I could feel it - I could feel the energy - I could picture the show - with me in it - and it was good.

So they asked me to come back for a second audition. This time, they asked me to learn 4 additional songs (2 of which are unreleased). So... of course... I learned 8 more songs :) Second audition went very well. We went out for beers afterwards. But they decided to wait a little bit before making a decision, as there were a few other respondents who were scheduled to audition.

So I had to wait.

I felt really good and positive that it was *unlikely* that anyone else would put as much effort and passion into this as I did. But felt obligated to reserve my celebration until the signature was on the dotted line.

So, tonight, was the night they had their auditions. I figured I might hear by tomorrow. Hoped I might hear by tonight. And sure enough, around 8pm, got a phone call asking if I could meet for some beers. So... drop everything! Yes.

I am too tired to tell this story with dramatic flair and for that I am sorry. It's a happy story. Without undo waiting, and without any bullshit games, they enthusiastically asked me to join the band. And I immediately said yes. And this makes me very happy. This is something I have wanted - to play in a band that I like, that my friends like, with cool people, at good clubs, with no games.

More later on this subject. When it's not 3am.


  1. Excellent blogging, Mick. Keep it up. --Jeff (the good one, not the evil one) from back east.

  2. I KNEW you had it the first time I heard you rehearsing their songs....and when you got back from that first audition. I KNEW you did! I FELT it deep inside.

    I am MORE that happy for you.