09 April, 2008

Testing the limits of my hippocampus [Reposted from Facebook]

Location: deep into the chemistry that keeps us together...

in addition to all the memory dredging that i have been doing on here lately, i have also been putting my brain to quite the challenge lately. in the last 9 days, i have learned how to play 14 songs in their entirety. i am not sure if this makes my brain sharper, or duller, or neither. but it definitely makes me realize how much we can cram into our heads when we need to do it. and learning songs is harder than learning facts, because there is really no logic to them, unless you can create it. part of it is raw memorization. part of it is remembering what cues to listen for in the song. for instance, i don’t need to know how many times to play a certain part if i know that the drummer is gonna do something different right before that part ends. so it’s this sort of hollistic piecing it all together from a variety of different learning techniques.

if i am fortunate, i will be learning a whole bunch more songs very soon…

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