19 May, 2008

All this procrastination is wearing me out...

Location: End of Day 1 in my lab study
Mood: wiped out

I cannot believe that I made it through the study. Day 1. Only minor problems. I have been so distracted and had such difficulty focusing on the work for so long now, that I really got pushed up against the utter limit in my preparations. Should have delegated more. Should have started sooner. Should have checked things more carefully. Should have come to the office yesterday instead of working at home. Should not have gone to dinner last night. Should not have gone to the Radar Brothers at the Sunset last night. Should not have gone to brunch yesterday.

But, so it goes. It all worked out. Is it that I work well under pressure? Or is it that I am lucky? Or is it that I am a really good judge of the minimum amount of time required to accomplish a goal, and I spend no more than that minimum.

Who knows.

But I am feeling alright now. And going to go play some music.


  1. pink paperclip20 May, 2008 18:26

    did you watch the lev yilmaz about procrastination?


  2. a) who the hell is pink paperclip?

    b) i have been putting off watching that video.