27 May, 2008

Arbitrary things I have decided to do

Location: my life
Mood: insistent

From now on, until further notice, my standard breakfast and lunch will consist of high-fiber cereal with low-fat milk. Yes. Breakfast and lunch. I will not eat pizza. I will not eat various other things. The reason for this is that I am out of shape and part of the reason is that I have developed unhealthy eating habits. And you might say "well, how healthy is it to eat the same thing every breakfast and lunch?" To that, I say "Mind your own fucking business".

No, I'm kidding. I don't really say that.

I say "Well, every time I go to the cafeteria, I spend large amounts of money, and have massive temptation to eat unhealthily. So avoiding the cafeteria eliminates those issues." To that, you might say "Why don't you just start learning some self-discipline and eat a fucking salad". And to that, I would say "Why do you need to be so confrontational all the time? I was just trying to say that this is something that I think might work for me, and that I could stick to it!". And to that you would say "Why are you being so defensive?", to which I would reply "I am NOT being defensive! I'm just sick of you always attacking me for every single idea I have!", to which you would say "Whatever. Do whatever you want. Just don't even tell me about it if you don't want my opinion!", to which I would say "Fine!", and then you would say "Fine!"

Or something like that.

Issue number 2 is the coffee issue. Up until 2006, I never drank coffee at all - probably only had like 10 cups in my entire life, and most of those were in the North End of Boston at Cafe Vittoria. But suffice it to say, I started drinking coffee when I went to Europe, and was regularly drinking a cup a day ever since. However in the past few months, for various reasons, I let that number increase to 2 and 3 per day. Well, I am weaning back to 1 per day, because I don't want to be subordinate to stimulants in order to function. And I also don't want to get headaches if I can't have it.

Of course, on the weekend, or special occasions, I am willing to bend on that one.

Then there's the exercise thing, and I am not going to bore you with those details, but leave it at "I'm going to do more than I have been doing" which translates to "Any".


  1. i have decided i may add apples to the daytime diet. but i don't want to argue about it.

  2. what about potato chips? can you add potato chips? and french fries? how about adding pancakes to the breakfast component?