18 May, 2008

Baby steps...

Location: the loft
Mood: hopeful... sort of

I don't want to brag about how well I am doing with this new "alone" thing, but I cannot help it. I am bubbling over with enthusiasm. 

Here's the reason for my joy.

Today.  I dusted my end tables.  Yes, it is true. They were dusty. And I dusted them. They've been dusty for weeks. And every time I look at them, I think to myself, "Self, you should really dust those end tables, because they're getting out of hand". Last week, I went to Target (not alone) and I bought a feather duster. So, you could say I was gearing up for this eventual task. The feather duster was used last week to dust the lower part of my bedroom (I was testing it out). Then the duster sat on the extension arm of my Jerker desk. Don't ask. If you don't know what a Jerker is, look it up. Google "Jerker desk" and then smile, because it actually exists. And last night, as the feather duster sat upon my Jerker extension arm, I kept seeing the feathers rustling out of the corner of my eye, as wind blew in from the window. And every time I saw this gray feather duster moving, I thought it was a cat. And this occurred more than once.

Maybe I should get a cat.

But I don't like to clean a litter box, and if I got a cat, I would need to dust more frequently. And someday when I sell the house, the house will probably have at least a subtle odor of cats, unless I become much cleaner than I am right now. And if I get a cat, I would not be able to leave the cat alone for extended periods of time without food or water, because it might die, or at least become extremely unhappy.

Best not to get a cat.

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