21 May, 2008

In case you were wondering...

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So... I am slowly trying to deal with all the shit on my list. I forgot to mention there is even more shit than what I had on my list before. It turns out (are you reading this, Matt), I was supposed to do something special in order to get the title of my car transferred to my name. I thought it just happened automatically. But I need to do all sorts of shit. Emissions test. Bill of Sale. Blah blah blah. And unfortunately because we had to renegotiate the price after the initial paperwork (due to long story of issues), I am now fucked and will pay tax on the original sale amount, since that is the amount written on the bill of sale AND on the title. Goodbye $100. Super.

So, at some point in the near future, I need to do that. Oh yeah, and because I neglected to do it within 15 days, goodbye another $100 because I will pay a penalty for not filing for the new title. There's $200 down the drain for nothing. And I also got pulled over by the fucking Medina Police for going NINE miles per hour over the speed limit. Of course, this resulted in them determining that I was not the owner of the vehicle. It's a damn good thing I had my insurance card on me, because otherwise, they might have suspected me to have stolen the vehicle.

Wonderful. So now, every time I take the short cut through Bill Gates' neighborhood on the way home from work, I need to drive 25 mph and piss everyone off, because if I get pulled over again, they will probably hang me.

So today I dragged my amp back up to Aviator Guitars. They think it's just a bad preamp tube, but we decided I should leave it with them to make sure, or else I would be driving back there again for nothing.

Then, I spent the entire afternoon and evening on lovely Highway 99 bouncing between Edmonds and Shoreline. I went to Car Toys, initially to have my old stereo installed in place of Matt's stereo (which has no faceplate and has therefore been mocking me for the past 2 months, unusable). But I figured out quickly that I would spend as much to install my stereo as I would to purchase AND install a new, better stereo. So that was what I decided. Was going to get a Panasonic stereo, but then I ended up upselling myself to a nicer Pioneer Premier system because it had a special where new speakers are included for free. Pretty good. So I got Infinity front speakers. And now I have music. And it plays WMA discs, and it also has input in glove compartment for mp3 player. I am interested to see how that works.

Blah blah blah.

Still have a hundred million things to do.

Red guitar project is going swimmingly poor. Waiting for Stew-Mac (parts company) to send me the 2 screws that were missing from the new tuners, and then made the annoying discovery that I stripped a screw for my new 5-way switch, so I am just going to use the old 5-way switch, and why do you care about this anyway? Stop asking me all these annoying questions.

I am too tired to do the rest of the guitar tonight. And tomorrow is practice. And Friday is supposedly band practice, which seems incredibly hard to get excited about, since the entire band is about to go on maternity leave in about 11 days. But playing is always better than not playing, so let's do it.

What else?

I figured out what happened with my prescription. Stupid fucking beaurocracy. Check this out. I received a letter from Medco (instead of my Lipitor) telling me to contact them immediately. So, after a few days (okay, 6 days) I contacted them. And here's what I found out. They did not have the correct shipping address for me. But that's not really true. They had the wrong shipping address on record. But when I placed my order through my physician, the physician and insurance company supplied a new address to Medco. So I received a letter at my new address - NOT FORWARDED - from Medco - telling me that they need my updated shipping address. They also (it turns out) sent the exact same letter to my old address, which got forwarded to my new one.

Now here's the part that I don't understand. If those fuckers have my new address to send me the letter, why not just send me the damn pills?

But why would we ask such questions? No. Of course it is far more logical to send 2 letters. Why don't they send their 4 fastest ships to the 4 corners of the world? That would be almost as efficient.

Or. Better still. Why don't they just open the window at the Medco headquarters and start yelling my name out the window?

Yes. That would work.

In addition to my other activities in the North, I also visited Guitarville, where I wasted time playing through some overdrive and tremelo pedals. Again, aren't you glad you asked? And then, here's the part I am ashamed to tell you. When I was waiting for my car to be stereod, I ate a burger from Jack-in-the-Box. Yes, it's true. I have never gone there before. This is what my life has become.

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  1. jack-in-the-box fries are delicious. in fact, they have a whole assortment of delectable deep-fried treats! ...nothing to be ashamed of there!