29 May, 2008

Need to be careful what I write!!

Location: web search engines
Mood: concerned

I was looking at my little Google Analytics tool this morning, to see how many of you are still looking at my blog. I am obsessed. No I'm not. Yes I am.

And I saw that like 2% of my hits on the page were not direct links, but had actually arisen from search engines! This was interesting to me because I can't imagine how someone would search and find it. So I click on the "View Report" button to see what people were searching that brought them to my page.

What I found was mostly not that surprising or interesting:
  • "Mick Feeble Speaks"
  • "Aria Pro II CS-350" (a guitar)
But... there was one item on the list that did surprise and interest me.

"Jay S*****r" (blanking out the letters of his name)

Two times, people have hit my site in a search for this guy who was my former classmate in elementary and high school, and about whom I have written a fairly lengthy blog. And I know Jay still lives on the East Coast, and he's an accountant, and I also know he works for Price Waterhouse, which is like a really big firm.

So I Google him.

And it turns out he is some type of Senior Partner in the company - a corporate officer. And it also occurs to me that maybe he does not want people Googling him and finding out about the fist fights that he had when he was 8 years old, and about how we couldn't agree to the rules of 1 on 1 street football.

So... I think I need to go through and do a scrub here at some point. I thought that as long as I didn't name anyone recent that it would be fine. But in hindsight, I probably should not be naming anyone under any circumstances.

The decision here, I think, is that I will use code names. But then the question is whether to rotate the code names, or keep them static. The upside of static is that you will probably be able to follow my stories, and maybe even identify the players. The downside of static is that you will probably be able to follow my stories, and maybe even identify the players. But it would at least keep random people from stumbling upon their own, or their loved ones' deep dark pasts.

I'd love to know what search engine hits on his name, because I can't get my page to come up with Yahoo, Google, or MSN... must be some crappy search engine that doesn't prioritize things properly.

Decisions... decisions...


  1. Can we choose our own codenames? I'd like to stake a claim on something powerful yet sassy. Hm. Some potential options. Trebuchet Pinochet. No Bean Chili. Ayatollah I'm A Meanie?

    The possibilities are endless.

  2. how about "The Deliberate Stranger"?

  3. Like Ted Bundy? I could swing with that! However, I've come to the conclusion that you wouldn't have reason to actually talk about me on your blog, so I'm left with the option of stirring up shit in your life (very unlikely) or pretending that my codename might one day be used.

    Ah, well. The intrigue was fun while it lasted. =)-