12 May, 2008

No easy way (out)

Location: this very moment
Mood: trying not to try too hard

There is no easy way. Just need to accept that. It will be painful. That much is certain. It is always possible to rationalize and rationalize and justify and justify and delay and defer and convince and wish. But things invariably are what they are. And it's not always what we want them to be. And all the wanting and wishing in the world cannot change it.

Makes me wonder. What if two people's gut feelings are in opposition? Where is truth? Is it just that one person is not in touch with their gut? Which person? How do you know? It seems to me that if everyone followed their instincts, everything would be much simpler. If everyone were just "pure being", it would be much simpler. If we were all fundamentally "unattached" to our emotional responses to things, and instead just spent every moment accepting reality as it is at this very moment. Allow it to flow through us. Experience our emotions as they relate to the actual physical response of our bodies in the moment.

And not project to the future, or dwell in the past.

I wish I could do that. And I am absolutely trying.

Luke Skywalker... blindfolded... staggering around with my light saber... trusting my instincts (I doubt... I doubt... no I don't... but what if... no, it's okay... but how do you kn... it's okay... are you su... it's okay... what if it's a mista... it's okay)


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  1. Hey, is that a light saber or are you just really happy to.... um, nevermind.