25 May, 2008

Random events and goings on

Location: out and about capitol hill
Mood: this and that

The past few days have seen some interesting activity... think of this as like the local police report, except it's not reporting crime. It's reporting my activities.


Rehearsal. We're getting closer to being ready for the upcoming shows - my first with the band. There is hesitancy to lock in on a set list, because, fortunately there are too many songs from which to choose. I've learned somewhere in the ballpark of 25 plus or minus 2, and we are considering about 16 of those to be "gig-ready" or close to it. I really want to have them all be ready, because I feel like I must do more more more, but it's better to be a little bit leisurely about adding songs, so as to not overwhelm myself. But we're doing well. The good news is that we'll have a few new songs ready for the shows, so the band will not be coming out of hiatus with nothing new to show for it. After practice, hung out and talked for awhile about random stuff. I really enjoy these guys. It was a good choice for me, and I think it's very important to be able to feel like not only the music is good, but the social time as well, because being in a band involves a lot of that.


Finished my lab study, and this was fortunately yet another success for me against large odds that I created for myself out of procrastination and apathy. I think maybe I am ready to snap out of the absolute funk that has been upon me for either 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years, depending on where you set your "funk-o-meter". Actually doing a lab study always kicks me in the butt, and maybe what I need to do is to always have something that I treat with the urgency of a lab study. And then, more importantly, when the study is over, I need to stop "rewarding" myself with the privilege of more slacking.

That said (heh heh), I needed to leave work early Friday after the study was completed, so I could deal with the emissions testing for my car. And while I was at that, I decided to go to Trading Musician (no, I did not buy another guitar!). But I did buy a new pedal. I was looking for 2 more pieces to add to my musical puzzle. I am sure I needed one of them, but not sure about the other one (I am foreshadowing the fact that I bought yet another pedal on Saturday, but let me not get ahead of myself). So I bought this thing called a "Double Muff" which does not mean "two chics at the same time" (to quote Lawrence from Office Space). It's a distortion pedal that does a nice job of giving a wet distorted sound, without messing up the tone of the signal. I won't go into one of my musical rants, other than to say that the one thing that is a problem with most pedals that do distortion or overdrive is that they tend to eliminate the low frequencies of the sound. This is actually by design, as I understand it (unless I am mistaken). The circuit "filters" out the low end before doing the "make distortion" part of the circuit. And (as I understand it) the reason for this is that most of the distortion circuits will do bad things with low frequencies, and make the tone very muddy. So to prevent that, they filter it out. So the challenge is to find pedals that a) don't lose the low end, but b) don't get muddy either. And of course, these are usually more expensive. So when I found the "Double Muff" I was happy. And they gave me a good deal ($50 cash) so what the heck. Another toy for the pedal board.

Friday night continued with meeting Dan at Piecora's, my favorite pizza place in Seattle. When I got there, I saw this guy who I recognized but could not figure out from where. Thought about it for a minute or so (and probably freaked him out) and then figured out that he was my friend Renee's brother, who apparently moved here from LA not too long ago. I had met him at her thesis defense party a couple of years ago. Pizza was good.

Then we went to King Cobra, a great new club right next to the Comet Tavern. This is one of the nicest clubs in Seattle now. The interior is like a small version of Neumo's, with an upper level with seating, and a lower level with a great stage. Need to play there! The band was "Holy Ghost Revival" - at least that's the band we came to see. The first two bands were absolutely horrible posers who played music that was somewhere between bad versions of The Clash, and bad versions of Poison - so you can probably imagine how that was. It was so bad, that I almost left before the headliner, but I am so glad I stayed. HGR is amazing. The lead singer is completely out of control, falling into the audience, and being tossed around, and dropped, and propelled around the room, all the while not losing a single note, or singing out of key at all. The songs are progressive - a little bit like Queen, a little bit like Bowie, but heavier. And his body movements and look are somewhat reminiscent of Axl Rose, but in the best possible way (if there can be one). Things were so crazy up front, that I retreated to the balcony, but it was entirely enjoyable, every minute of it. Actually my retreat occurred because he decided to spray-spit beer over the entire audience, and that was when I was like "Okay, fuck that!".


Music stores. Needed to pick up my amplifier from Aviator Guitars. Dan came with me, because he needed to bring his bird to the vet in Bothell. He really likes that bird, "Rhea". When we got to the vet, they're asking him how she's been doing (she had an infection before) and he says "She's doing much better. She's been singing again, and she is eating normally, and she's even started masturbating again".

Yes. You heard me correctly. Masturbating.

The young assistant, who was probably like 22, looks at Dan like he's crazy. Then he explains to the counter people again about the masturbation, and they ask him what he means, and he said she's backing herself up against a stick and rubbing her multipurpose cloaca on the stick while making particular noises. Um... okay. The veterinarian people already thought me and Dan were a gay couple, not that there's anything wrong with that. But when he's talking about the masturbation, he says to them, "I know Bob is probably going to be mad at me for talking about this".


So then we get the amplifier, which all things told, cost me $800 for all the repairs.

Then we go to Guitarville, where I buy another pedal (Fulltone Fulldrive 2) to complete my quest for the holy grail of guitar tone. There, I find out from their repair guy that he would have probably done my amp repairs for a little more than half of what Aviator charged. Now maybe he's just saying it because he knows it's history - but it does make me realize that I probably got soaked on that repair. Good thing I am made of money, huh!

Anybody want some money?

I only have 100's though, so I hope you have change.

Saturday night, went to a really cool play at The Annex with Darcy and a few friends of hers from La Tienda (after going to the Elysian, and spilling an entire Mojito on her lap while shaking Linda's hand... I thought it was my fault but apparently, as usual, I was taking the blame for things). The play was very unusual, and I guess would be called post-modern, but I am not sure what post-modern is, because I am not sure what modern is, and I am making that up, so maybe it wasn't even post-modern, other than that I think that simple stage with black outfits could be construed as post-modern, okay I am digging an even deeper hole of ignorance here. The play is worth seeing, and it was called S2, and it is still running, and I will not ruin the plot for you, but will instead provide a link right here to it, if you wish to consider. It's only $12 and is worth it.

Click here to read about S2 @ The Annex Theatre!

There, I did my part to promote it.


Well, I am supposed to be working on my guitar right now, and I will commence shortly, but first I must write this blog. I went to Cafe Presse (walked there) this morning/afternoon and ate another Croque Monsieur, which is like a Monte Cristo sandwich, almost, but not quite. Toasted Ham and Gruyere and Dijon, with the fromage melted on the outside. And drank three small CUPS of good coffee.

Read Harper's Index on the way out and gleaned the following interesting factoids, which were both upsetting to me in various ways:
  • Number of countries in the world that do not legally guarantee paid maternity leave for women: 4
  • Average per capita annual income of the three countries, other than the United States: $1226
Can you fucking believe that? What's the explanation? Freedom? What? Tell me. Nobody seems to care that the US is woefully positioned in so many categories.

And then another factoid:
  • Factor by which children who are spanked enjoy masochistic sexual relations as adults compared to those who were not: 2 to 1
I have nothing more to say right now. Guitar for a few - hopefully get partway through the soldering - and then off to a band-related barbecue.



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    That's where you saw off the top of the skull of a small bear and use that in lieu of a cup.