13 May, 2008

Something I wanted to tell my mother...

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I just saw a headline on MSN news - it said today was the 10th anniversary of Frank Sinatra's death.  I never knew that, and it's not really that important of a factoid.  Except that today is my mother's birthday.  May 13th.  It's the first time in 81 years that my mom doesn't get to have a birthday.

So when I saw this factoid, my first thought was "I should tell my mother about that - because isn't it coincidental that Frank Sinatra, whom she liked, died on her birthday?"  But I cannot tell her this, and I probably cannot even reliably find out if she was aware of this.

So now I am curious.  If Frank Sinatra died on my mother's birthday, who was BORN on my mother's death day?  Morbid thought?  I don't know.  Just curious trivia:

April 12th:  David Letterman, Shannen Doherty, Claire Danes, Andy Garcia, Ed O'Neill, Herbie Hancock, Tiny Tim

And since I never knew who else was born on my mother's birthday, how about that?

May 13th:  Stevie Wonder, Harvey Keitel, Stephen Colbert, Dennis Rodman, Joe Louis

And for good measure, I'll take a peek at my birthday too :)

October 11th:  Eleanor Roosevelt, Steve Young, Joan Cusack, Luke Perry

Looks like my mother shared her birthday with a much more colorful set of people than me.

Fun times.

Compliments of FamousBirthdays.com


  1. mobile & atlantic13 May, 2008 22:19

    But most importantly, what TIME of the day were the people born on? ...because that really makes all the difference.

    ...or their moon signs. I can never remember which.

  2. I was born on the same day that Malcolm X died. That probably explains my afro...