12 May, 2008

Stale cupcakes

Location: The Paramount
Mood: disgruntled

Tonight was a disappointment in some ways, but a relief in others. It's partly my fault, and I accept the blame. But some of it is beyond my control. Really.

So, a few months ago, I think I may have mentioned, that I decided to buy tickets to see Cake play at the Paramount. And I think I also mentioned that I made the unfortunate discovery that this show conflicted with the National Geographic lecture series. I want to save you some of the boring details since it's late and I just want to get this out there. But I made the *bad* decision to try to do both things. I already had to get rid of a Cake ticket because I did not find someone to use it - and I sold it at a loss to a Craigslist dude named Nathan. Lucky Nathan. And I tried to get rid of my National Geographic tickets too, just to make the night simpler. But that was unsuccessful. So the verdict was to try to do both.

Cake was doors at 7pm.

National Geographic lecture was 7:30pm.

My estimation of things was that doors at 7pm means that the opening band will start at 8pm and probably play until 8:40, and that Cake will play at 9pm. Wouldn't you say that's a reasonable assumption? Yeah, I thought you'd agree with me on that one.

National Geographic is fairly reliable at going for 1 hour - so figure that's over at 8:30pm. I should make it there no problem, right?

I tried to obtain more information in advance. I wrote to someone at The Agency Group, the squad that books Cake. I randomly emailed someone, and was surprised that she wrote back at all! She was not their agent, but she was kind enough to reply and give me the name of the correct contact. So I emailed the correct contact. And of course, I received no reply.

Tried to contact the Paramount, but that is basically always going to be an answering machine. So no info was available. Stick to my assumptions. All will be fine.

I leave National Geographic at 8:35. Walk up 6 blocks and over 2 blocks to the Paramount. Arrive at the Paramount at maybe 8:45 or 8:50. Cake is playing. They've been playing since 8:15pm. What the fuck?

When I walk in, they're playing "Wheels", which is followed by "Stickshifts and Safety Belts". I am peeved.

But what peeves me more is that Cake was incredibly annoying and pretentious. They are soulless, and lifeless, and full of themselves. Spoiled little assholes up there. Singer John McCrea must be doing all he can to contain himself to merely being "clever" on the recordings, because put this guy on a stage, and "clever" quickly has become "obnoxious". They wasted massive amounts of time with a Mother's Day Tree Giveaway to the woman with the most children in the audience (a Google search reveals that they give away a fucking tree for some reason or another at every goddamn show). Every song had an annoying sing along. In spite of the Paramount having a spectacular sound system, the mix was not that great, though thankfully modest in volume.

And get this. After those 2 songs, they played like 3 or 4 more songs, and then ended! And then their encore was maybe 3 or 4 more songs, which were not among their greatest tunes, and that was it. Done. Based on how much time they wasted, I would guess that I only missed maybe 4 songs in the 30 minutes of the show that occurred before I got there. So it was a 12 song set, encore included, for a 45 dollar ticket (including fees).

Cake you are a bunch of assholes.

They mentioned that they were glad to be out from under their record label. But I wonder if "out from under" is a euphemism for "dumped". Well, no matter - just means the pretentious fucks took in more cash for themselves on this tour.

The audience was interesting because the majority were completely infatuated with Cake, and responding to every silly request he made. But there was a small, but non-negligible faction of the audience that was jeering him at various points, yelling "come on".

And the best part is that at one point near the end, when he really carried on an audience participation thing for too long, the members of the band became noticeably aggravated, and were looking like they had had enough of his antics.

Five years ago, I passed on seeing Cake because I had heard that they put on a crappy show. Why did I not heed that logic this time, too? Thankfully, I did not give up or waste the National Geographic experience in order to have seen their first 4 or 5 songs. That would have been the tragedy of the night.

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  1. black bean burger12 May, 2008 22:48

    don't blame yourself! blame the band! it was a fun night anyway.