29 May, 2008

Taking the leap to cleanliness... or godliness... or both

Location: my house
Mood: feeling squeaky?

Well. I did it. Just arranged for the first professional cleaning of my house. I realize that you have all suggested to me that I could clean it myself. And that may be true. But what is possible, and what is likely, are two different things entirely. And I do not want to sit and watch as my place slowly becomes "unpleasant" because of my own unmanageable laziness.

After just a little research, I decided to go with one of the big companies - MaidPro - because they have a name behind them that holds a reputation, and they have a positive track record with things like the Better Business Bureau, and because they have a decent system for managing things like keys, security codes, and covering losses in the case of theft or damage. The person on the phone (Rebecca) was very nice, and informative, and answered all my questions, and inspired confidence, whatever that means.

If I chose Esmerelda's Cleaning Service, or some such thing advertised on the boards here at Microsoft, it may be true that I'd be helping "the little guy", but it would be at the expense of my own risk - since letting someone in your house to a) look at all your valuables, and b) touch them, and c) have the means of coming back whenever they want, requires a certain level of trust that is harder to secure with Esmerelda than with MaidPro.

Plus with MaidPro, they have a cool spokesmodel like this one:

Doesn't she inspire confidence? She looks so... clean!

I'd like to know if the person who cleans my place will be wearing a blazer, and have big transparent bubbles floating around her. Actually, supposedly my place will be cleaned by someone named Sandra, and I will meet her on TUESDAY when we get our first cleaning.

The prices are reasonable. For monthly cleaning, they charge $34/hour for minimum of 2 hours, and I think we're going to do the 3 hour plan, which will include, in this order of priority:
  • kitchen, in detail
  • bathrooms, in detail
  • dusting
  • floors
Then, they spend any remaining time (which might be very little) doing other odds and ends stuff, that apparently will be described to me on their 49-point checklist that is presently not visible since part of their site was under maintenance, but will be visible shortly.

I feel pretty good about the prospect of doing this, because it is much easier to have things passively occur, while paying money, then to actively do things yourself. It's the American Way! I am stimulating the economy! Yeah, that's the ticket! And one could argue that since I actually earn more than $34/hour, it is a valid expenditure of my time to have someone else do it.

Yeah, whatever. You don't buy that, do you?

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