28 May, 2008

Waiting in anticipation... and...

Location: inside the shadow
Mood: um... letdown

I was excited when I saw on T-Mobile's (shitty) website that there was an update for my phone. There were some things that worked a little funky, so it seemed like a great thing to do the software update.

What they did not tell me is that it blows away ALL of your settings, and ALL of your contacts, and ALL of your pictures, and ALL of your word-recognition history. It basically formats the fucking phone and starts over.

This is MASSIVELY inconvenient because everything I ever installed needs to be reinstalled. And nowhere, obvious, during the upgrade process did it say "be sure to backup all of your things, because we're about to blow them away". This really irks me.

The one good thing is that it got rid of the 9000 Hotmail contacts that had been inadvertently ported to my phone. But I am really starting over here. And I am not happy about it!

Maybe the phone will work better. But to give you an idea of what this cost me, in terms of time and effort... this is what I need to REDO:
  • create gmail account in phone
  • install gmail application
  • create yahoo account in phone
  • install office communicator
  • install smartphlow traffic map
  • install zenyee stay-unlock tool
  • get all new photos for my contacts
  • change all ring tones and alert tones
  • modify all settings so that battery is not drained rapidly
This will take forever.

Fucking T-Mobile.


  1. This is a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. How will you carry on?

  2. i should note that in red text on the upgrade page, it specifically said "caution, this will erase all contents of your phone and return to original manufacturer's settings". i did not notice this. and as a usability engineer, i should be smart enough to know that people don't read dialog boxes :)

    serves me right!