17 June, 2008

Among the many things that Bellevue has to offer

Location: 106th and 2nd, Downtown Bellevue
Mood: deliciously horrified

If you want to eat really good food, then you should go to Downtown Bellevue (or Issaquah, another location) and eat at a restaurant called Pogacha. Amazing as this may seem, it is a Croatian restaurant, and they are fantastic. In spite of being trapped in a small strip mall, this restaurant's atmosphere inside is comfortable, and unique, with some kind of nutty art (hands and body parts from mannequins sticking out of the walls) but the food is worth dealing with the horrors of the Eastside.

The item that I have come to know and love is called Dobar Chicken.

The purple dish! As well as the House favorite. Penne pasta tossed in our own Port wine & Gorgonzola cream sauce, topped with grilled chicken breast, Port soaked grapes & Gorgonzola cheese. 17.95

The price is not cheap but it is truly one of the richest most delicious dishes you can get, and I imagine they would do a non-meat version of it and toss extra pasta in the dish for vegetarians. And if you come with me to the Issaquah location, then we can use my Prime Card discount, which is buy one, get one free. For some stupid reason, the Bellevue location (closest to Microsoft) does not accept the discount card (probably for that exact reason, which is annoying).

In addition to the great main course, they also serve all-you-can-eat of this special Croatian flat bread. Actually, I have now read that Pogacha actually means "flatbread". Yippee! If you want to avoid the restaurant and just make your own Pogacha at home, you can click this link and follow a recipe that may or may not be anything like the bread they have at the restaurant.

So... there unfortunately is a down side to the Pogacha experience (in Bellevue). The other establishments at this strip mall are, should I say, less than savory.

For example, we have this:

You know that times are rough in Bellevue, when they have actually resorted to selling Christians!! So sad...

And even stranger... and ironic as well... right next to the Christian Store, is this most bizarre of establishments!

What the hell is the deal with that?!?! Bellevue is really a very sick and demented place. Someone should do something about this. Really.

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