07 June, 2008

Apologies... and a "mini-tour" log

Location: Seattle-to-Oregon and back
Mood: satisfied

I haven't delivered that blog about the Oregon shows. And now I have a Seattle show at The Comet Tavern on the list of events to document as well. I think the easiest way for me to get through this, since for some reason I am having difficulty writing it in journal form, would be give you a rough list of the happenings. So here goes.
  • 2pm. Friday. meet at jason's to load gear into Jim's bitching new van. smooth as can be
  • 3pm. leave jason's, encounter first "road challenge" when seatbelt is caught under seat
  • 3:15pm. hit nasty traffic through seattle and all the way to tacoma
  • 6:30pm. arrive in portland after smooth sailing from olympia onward
  • 7:00pm. dinner at the new restaurant, owned by Jason's brother Adam
  • 8:30pm. load gear to Slabtown, a stunning spectacle of a bar
  • 8:31pm. reflect in surprise that Portland one of few cities still allowing smoking in bars
  • 10:00pm. reflect in horror at how annoyingly bad the first band is
  • 11:00pm. play my first set with the band. went well, except too loud and bad sound
  • 12:00am. reflect in further horror at how annoyingly bad the last band is
  • 12:15am. reflect in yet further horror at how annoyingly bad the fans of that band are
  • 1:00am. have become increasingly ill with would would eventually be coxsackie virus
  • 1:30am. struggle to load gear into van. everyone tired. go to sleep at Adam's house
  • 4:00am (approximately). wake up soaking, my fever having broken
  • 10:00am, Saturday. wake up in the morning feeling MUCH better
  • 10:30am. depart for breakfast with all the gear. went to Doug Fir Lounge
  • 11:30am. Craig and Jim go to buy "The Club" for the van as added security measure
  • 12:00pm. hit the road for Eugene
  • 2:00pm. arrive in Eugene at Jason's friend Jason's house (lots of Jasons)
  • 2:15pm. pet the cats and dogs and chill for a while
  • 3:00pm. head to the U of O campus with Jason (#2) for walk around (Jim naps in van)
  • 4:00pm. stop for pizza slices near campus. very good. but makes us all hungry
  • 5:00pm. head back to Jason's house, and get ready to go to dinner
  • 6:00pm. head to dinner at a barbecue place (Papa's?)
  • 6:15pm. discover that the famous fried chicken is sold out. we must alter appetites.
  • 8:00pm. head over to Luckey's. immediately can tell this will better night than the last
  • 8:30pm. hang out.
  • 9:00pm. hang out.
  • 9:15pm. find out 3rd band stuck in Wyoming. We will have a long set tonight.
  • 9:30pm. hang out.
  • 9:45pm. work on set list. contemplate playing every song I know.
  • 10:00pm. get ready to be done hanging out.
  • 10:15pm. opening band plays. some dude and The Nobody. he was pretty good.
  • 11:00pm. We play to a respectable, small, appreciative crowd who dug the music
  • 12:00am. off the stage after 13 songs (5 more than original planned set list)
  • 12:15am. thank sound guy for doing a really great job - we sounded and played super
  • 12:40am. load out and head back to Jason's house.
  • 1:30am. Jason (#2) barbecues hamburgers and hotdogs while people relax and party
  • 3:00am. sleep for some (myself, anyway)
  • 9:00am, Sunday. rise, and mobilize slowly
  • 10:00am. breakfast at a mexican place near the U of O. very good. people are slow.
  • 11:00am. hit the road for Seattle.
  • 4:30pm. after no traffic, arrive back at Jason (#1) house with all fingers and toes.
Since I did not do that great of a job telling this story (operating on about 4 hours of sleep right now), let me link in some pictures for you from the show, to help you get the idea.

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