21 June, 2008

Circle... memories...

Location: essential
Mood: reflective

Listening to Pandora on headphones on a laptop. I have created a channel over a period of years that was loosely based on Aimee Mann as the template. And usually you hear a pretty similar set of songs each day. But this time I heard one that I have not heard in probably 10 years and it was one of the most beautiful songs ever. This song is called "Circle" and it is by Edie Brickell. Probably the best song she wrote. Giving me chills. Released in 1988.

You can watch a video of the song here

Go to Pandora and make an Edie Brickell channel and you'll probably get that song pretty quickly. I know you'll remember it. Unless, of course, you were in elementary school when the song was originally released! Wink Wink.

Anyway, Pandora is a good way to discover music if you haven't already been there. I could probably discover a lot more music more quickly if I could make myself listen to the radio, but I have a hard time committing to that. Not sure why that is.

One final footnote on Edie Brickell... she was only 22 years old when that song came out...

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