08 June, 2008

How many files do I really need?

Location: my computer
Mood: baffled

Today my computer restarted spontaneously with about 3 seconds of warning with some bizarre dialog box mentioning tombraider, which to me sounds like a virus if I have ever seen one! So I am updated on my virus software, and now doing a full virus scan of the machine.

And the thing that baffles me is why the hell I have over 185,000 files on my computer (and counting). Seriously. I have some programs installed. And I have some photos. And some music. But why are there so many files? I realize this is a stupid question. It just amazes me that I could have 185,000 of anything in my possession.

I wish I had $185,000.

Then I could buy a new computer with no files on it.

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