26 June, 2008

Is this easier to read?

Location: my blog
Mood: easy on the eyes?

It occurs to me (after I try to read my own blog) that perhaps small white text on a black background was not easy to read. I am experimenting trying to find something that is easier. I am avoiding most of the standard "Blogger" templates because they all use a narrow column for the actual text, and I prefer the wider page. I am happy to hear input on that as well.

But just curious if this color scheme is better than what I had before?

I don't care about fancy designs... just want it to be easy to read.


  1. Yes it is. And from a technical/graphic design standpoint (which as you know how I make me humble income), reversed out or white type is very difficult for the eye to process and makes us tire easily. Also the narrower the column the easier to read to. Which is why newspapers use columns and books are generally never wider than about 6-ish inches. Again if the eye has a long way to travel horizontally it tires quickly.

    See there is a method in the madness. You are going in the right direction.

  2. This is much easier on the eyes. White text on a black page makes my eyes swim after a bit.

  3. yes, much easier to read... my poor lazy eyes