05 June, 2008

A long list of things I need to tell you

Location: cobweb infested mind
Mood: foggy

There are many things I need to write here. And the list keeps getting longer, so that I am now forgetting the things that I meant to tell you. I need to create a Google Doc to make a list of the things I eventually plan to blog. So I don't forget. But then I would need to remember to create that Google Doc, and that might involve using some type of feature in my phone.

I know that I need to tell you about the trip to Oregon. I promised that, and it is a good story, and probably should be told before I start forgetting all the details.

And there were at least two other things that I need to write. Damn. I should ask Darcy to remind me. Who the hell is Darcy, though? Eh... what difference does it make?

I guess I will tell you about cheese blintzes because it doesn't take that long to write. But I want to make it a separate entry, to help keep my thoughts organized. So hopefully you'll read in order chronologically, or else this entry will be a waste of your time.

1 comment:

  1. *ahem* The Deliberate Stranger reminds you to inform the world about the pulsating mass of muscle meat grown for human consumption!