10 June, 2008


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Mood: blank

So it appears that now the United Kingdom of Benetton is also reading my blog. I guess out of consideration for them, I could try using British spellings of words, until that becomes too much effort. I realise they probably are never going to return to my blog...

Not really feeling like I have a whole lot to write the last day or two, and that's a problem because I am trying to maintain the interest of a gigantic readership, and with people being so fickle, there's a significant risk of them just tuning in to some other blog if I do not keep a constant level of entertainment available.

I have been sleeping a lot lately, and I am not sure why that is. Maybe single isolated events of sleep deprivation result in the need for multiple days of recovery? I don't really know. There could be other factors contributing, but either way, I really need to snap out of it. Okay, I thought of something to write, but I will make it a separate blog, so you can ignore this moaning if you wish.

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