12 June, 2008

Testing my limits

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The only way to know what you're made of, is to test your own limits. And that is why, whenever I have the chance, I like to see how far my car will go without buying gas. This might seem like an incredibly foolish endeavor, but it is good information to have. You never know when you're going to be in the middle of nowhere and wish that you knew "when is empty really empty?"

So. I pushed it this week. And this is what I learned about my 1996 Honda Civic CX.

This is not empty.

In fact, it required 9.7 gallons of gas to fill the tank. And the tank holds 11.9 gallons. This creates a frighteningly tempting situation where I want to push it even further. I should have been able to go another 65 miles!

Do I dare?


  1. You are a dunderhead.

  2. you could have just asked me :)

    typically, when the needle is at "E", you have about 3 gallons left in the tank. so in this case "E" is really only 75% empty. i could reliably go 250 miles on a tank, up to 320 or so if i was getting particularly good mileage.

    you'll have to keep trying to beat my record though...my biggest fill was around 11 gallons :)

  3. Inman Wheelright13 June, 2008 09:59

    You are not a dunderhead, imho.

    To really find out you can get a 1 gallon container of gas (put it in a milk crate or some other container to keep it from tipping over in the trunk) and just fill up when your car runs out. Then you'll know exactly how far you can go and how many gallons it will take to fill up.

    One of my cars (I have many these days) almost ran out of gas on me. The car actually started to sputter and die just as I approached my exit off of the highway. At the bottom of the ramp it had just enough gas to limp into a gas station 100 yards away. This was only 20 miles after the low gas light went on.

    Your results may vary.