14 July, 2008

Attracted to shiny sparkly objects...

Location: out there
Mood: blue

There's a strange balance of the universe, that sometimes defies analysis. I try to analyze it, sure. But there are things that defy my attempts. It is all I can do to observe, accept, sometimes attempt to challenge, accept again, and eventually move on.

There's some famous saying that every exit is an entrance to somewhere else. I cannot remember where it comes from? Maybe from "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead"? Not sure. Let me go check. Yep, I was right. For being as not-well-read as I am, that was a pretty good one to pull out of my ass, huh?

Is it:

If A then B; else C

Or is it:

If A then not B;

Or is it:

D... E... F... G... etcetera... etcetera... etcetera... etcetera...

Who knows?

Anyway... Sometimes things shift. Sometimes seasons change. Sometimes, like chemical compounds, we undergo even the simplest of reactions, which result in an irreversible change. Can you get iron from rust? I am not sure. Furthermore, I am not sure if Iron or Oxygen will ever ask the question of whether they were better off before.

And perhaps it is better if we don't either.

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