03 July, 2008

I am over my Apple mental lapse

Location: earth
Mood: back to normal

The new iMac is a fucking ripoff. The one that I discussed in previous blog sells for $2300 with the decent sized monitor, and it is a 3.06 GHz Intel Duo Core, with 2 GB RAM. An equivalent PC from someone like Dell or HP costs about half the price. So if you want brushed aluminum and think that a piece of aluminum is worth $1000, maybe you should buy a Dell, and a roll of Reynolds' Wrap, and coat your machine with that (if you put it on backwards, shiny side in, it will look like brushed aluminum). Then you can use the extra $1000 that you save to buy an iPhone, an iPod, and some Twinkies.

There. I feel better now!

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  1. OMIGOD, that is so, so true. Then again, who am I to talk? I paid $3000 for a Sony robot dog. (Actually, I have four of them -- they're fun to network to the various PCs and...erm...macs.)