03 July, 2008

I can't tell THEM, so I'll tell YOU instead

Location: The Attic Alehouse, Madison Park
Mood: disappointed

The Attic's email address results in a "return-to-sender" failure, which honestly does not surprise me. If you think I am just a whiny little squirrel, you can check out these reviews, many of which seemed to echo a similar sentiment. So, I figure I will destroy them through the slow, but sure propagation of the words of my all-powerful blog... yeah, right...



I have been a Madison Park/Capitol Hill resident for several years, and have been to The Attic on many occasions. In general, I have been very happy with both the food and the quality of service. Unfortunately, the last time I visited your restaurant, we were treated very poorly by one of the service staff.

When we first arrived, we were greeted brusquely, and then left for several minutes, though it was not very busy. We had planned on ordering food but no drinks, and when we told the server that we only wanted water, she seemed annoyed at this, and then took several more minutes to bring water.

We placed our order, and after a couple of minutes we were told that one of the things we ordered was not available, so we needed to make a second choice. The server was in the process of taking our menus to hand them to a couple at an adjacent table as she delivered this news, and then she grabbed a menu away from those other people to give us one back and then abandoned us again - I thought this was not being particularly nice to anyone.

When she came back to our table, we had not yet had time to decide an alternative, but had decided that we would order a beer after all. To this, she said "Did I hear you wrong? I thought you said you wanted water?" But there was really some attitude, as if she was put off that we had changed our minds! And honestly, we were very polite through this entire time.

After bringing us the beer, she then abandoned us again for probably 10 more minutes, before coming back to take our modified order, at which time we had decided that we no longer wished to dine there, because it was really quite uncomfortable interacting with her.

This was the first time I have received service of this nature at The Attic, and it really disappoints me for a few reasons. First, I really have enjoyed coming to The Attic, and I think you've got very good food. Now I am not sure how I feel about coming, if for no other reason than wanting to avoid this type of service. Second, I really believe that one of the main reasons that people go to a restaurant to dine is to have a pleasant environment, and a pleasant interaction. Not to be made uncomfortable, and agitated, while being neglected.

We ended up dining next door at Cactus, where we received excellent service that really made it clear just how bad the service had been earlier in the evening.

I'm sorry to have to write with negative comments, but I felt that to say nothing would be missing an opportunity for improvement.

Thanks for considering my comments.

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  1. Inman Wheelright07 July, 2008 07:52

    You need to add this to your letter (btw, you can send it to the manager at their physical address for a nominal fee (a stamp)).

    P.S. I peed in the potted plants by the door on my way out. Nobody was around.