05 July, 2008

More on Seattle flight noise

Location: 19th Avenue
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I don't live on 19th Avenue, but apparently, that is the "magic number". Apparently, 19th Avenue is the north-south line over which all flights heading to Sea-Tac are attempting to align themselves.

I live on 18th Avenue. In my web searches, I found this very interesting blog, which hopefully will be at least moderately interesting to you as well.

It is from another Blogger user.

Capitol Hill Flight Noise Blog

I posted a comment to give her the link to the real-time flight data, since I figured she and others might find that useful for their cause. And I decided to write a letter to the Noise Complaint link for the Port of Seattle. I seriously doubt I can have any effect, but I guess I cannot have any effect at all if I do not try.

I wonder if I were to walk around town and collect signatures for a petition, if I could then take it to my local congressperson and see if they can take action?

It would be the closest thing to activism I have ever done, albeit with an incredibly shallow, petty, and self-serving objective.

What thinkst thou?

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  1. Inman Wheelright07 July, 2008 07:57

    In 20 years the number of flights is going to be much smaller, unless the US succeeds in taking over the Middle East, Mexico, Venezuela, and one or two other oil-producing nations. The problem will solve itself in due time, especially if the Fed keeps interest rates low to promote domestic growth at the price of keeping imports more costly (i.e., oil) due to a weak dollar.

    Bicycles, trains, and electric cars.